Editor’s Note

China Daily Lifestyle Premium (CDLP) is an enriched multimedia platform for all matters aesthetic, be they substantial, ephemeral or game-changing – and often they’re all three. With a mix of global and local stories, we aim to deliver a heady, powerful and playful mix of the classic, contemporary and futuristic as befits the vibrant and inspiring city of Hong Kong. 

Across our monthly print and digital products, we encourage you to browse through our wide variety of literary fare, including exclusive interviews with business influencers, the eye-catching trappings of fashion and accessories, cutting-edge design and science, the indulgences of the culinary world, a portfolio of wine and spirits, and the jet-setting buzz of experiential travel, among a host of engaging possibilities. 

Combining big-picture visuals with the little details that matter, and ever-cognisant of today’s fast-moving culture, we encourage you to dig deep and immerse yourself or flick through and window-shop with equal pleasure. 

If Hong Kong is Asia’s World City, then CDLP is its signature voice. We hope you enjoy everything within!

—Natacha Riva, Managing Editor,
China Daily Lifestyle Premium

Photo: Leung Pui Yee